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About Witts & Stratts

Witts & Stratts is a humble design agency with a knack for building great experiences that create strong ties between our clients and their audience.


We are an integrated brand and design agency with a passion for awesome! We are suckers for big ideas, with an eye for the very small details. For us, good design is the holy grail of effective communication.

How we work

Our ideas and applications are media agnostic; from print to digital to uncommon applications and experiences.

Collaboration is the only way to deliver projects that ace business goals. Our conviction is that the most precise solutions are found together with our clients and we embrace an open and passionate dialogue everytime.

Our Services


  • User Experience (UX)
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Programming Frontend
  • Backend Programming
  • SEO
  • Apps
  • Content Creation
  • Interactive Promotional Campaign
  • Product Strategy
  • Mobile Design


  • Brand & Identity
  • Brand Development
  • Identity & Brand Manuals
  • Creative Strategy
  • Stationery Design
  • Packaging
  • Campaigns
  • Advertisement
  • Magazine & Editorial
  • Billboard, Signage & Wayfinding


We've been previledged to work with some outstanding clients over the years. Here are a few - some will tell you they love having us in the same room with them; the others, we know they feel the same way.

We are so many things - but these things, we are not.

Yes Men

We are not Yes Men. Helping our clients with our expertise is what keeps our air fresh. If you are done with your classic painting and want us to be that final tint of blue, sorry, we are not those guys. We believe in guidelines but also value creative freedom.

Copy Pasters

We are creatives, not copy-pasters. Every problem should have a unique solution - design is problem solving. You might love a design piece and want us to replicate it for you; we can’t - it will not help you. And as you know, solutions are designed for problems not the other way round.

Fire Brigadiers

Design as a process takes time - from research, conceptualization, iteration to testing, we allow time to generate and build great ideas. We have a saying – A fish marinated overnight gives better kick than one marinated for just 20 minutes. Don’t believe us, give it a try.

Let's Talk. Contact Us

We are Passionistas - we are ardent about what we do and don’t compromise on delivering awesome! We are simple, strategic, dynamic and know our onion, tomato and pepper, and best of all, we are humans.

+234 817 510 1008,
+234 809 388 5995

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